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Stevie Wonder in Brooklyn

Stevie Wonder Takes Over Brooklyn

Artists and media makers now have a new home in Brooklyn, The BRIC Arts Media. The $41 million dollar project houses art galleries, studios and a broadcasting center. Last month they celebrated all things Stevie Wonder. Check out all the fun they had below.


Racial Inequity: A Delicate Dance in the US

Below is a story on how a simple trip to the grocery store can turn into ground for racial inequality. Watch as author and educator Joy DeGruy explains the difference in treatment from a grocery store clerk between herself and her lighter-skinned sister-in-law. It’s a simple story on the complicated space Blacks navigate in the […]

Video Spotlight – Africa Cup of Nations 2012

Alright… for our readers in the U.S., we may be pulling teeth getting you interested in soccer. Especially in international soccer and especially on the cusp of the 46th Superbowl (Go G-men!). But we want to point your attention to the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. From January 21st – February 12th, sixteen countries are […]