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Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

What’s In Your Hand – Advice from Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

I just finished up a week at the Schomburg’s Summer Education Institute, where educators convene every July to learn about content and strategies to teach Black History in the classroom. Though I’m no longer a classroom teacher, I still find the content engaging, not to mention inspiring. One of the great aspects of the Education […]


A Traveler’s Thoughts About Race in America

When I heard about the Zimmerman verdict I was in shock. I really thought that this would’ve been a slam dunk. Racist man admits he stalked a teenager. He gets out the car, shoots and kills said teenager. And admits it.  So when I read “not guilty” I just stared at my phone. And then […]

The 7 train rolls by 5 Pointz

Art + Activism: Saving 5 Pointz

  I recently took to the graffiti mecca 5 Pointz, as I got word on twitter that it will be torn down this year to make way for luxury apartments. Over 350 murals can be seen decorating the five story industrial complex in Long Island City (LIC), Queens. The name 5 Pointz symbolizes artists coming […]

The Green Album

Music – Mos Def’s Travelin’ Man Mixed with Al Green

Four years ago a professor assigned us to chose a theme song for our life. I was in an intense summer

Barbershop Stories

Photo Find of the Day – Barbershop Stories in Brooklyn

Our Photo Find of the Day comes from “Barbershop Stories” in Brooklyn, NY.  Barbershop Stories is a performance series with spoken word artists,

Explore DC

Want to Explore D.C.? There’s and App for That!

Planning your next trip to Washing ton D.C.? Put down your bulky guidebook and download the Explore D.C. App (Compatible with iPhone and iPad). Created by the folks at The Washington Post,

Ethiopia Awakening

Photo Find of the Day – Ethiopia Awakening

This photo is from our Photo 365 Project. The sculpture is called Ethiopia Awakening by artist Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller.

Dja Rara

Photo Friday – Dja Rara in Queens, NY

Our Photo Find comes from our Photo 365 Project. Everyday we  take one photo for a year. This photo is from our trip to the Queens Museum of Art’s Passport Fridays installation.


Amiri Baraka – Interview with Gil Noble

In this interview with the late journalist Gil Noble, poet, playwright, activist, and writer Amiri Baraka discusses the writing process, the role of music in society, and even makes us laugh with a throwback reference to Tower Records.


Gil Noble on Malcolm X

In the following videos, conducted by the National Leadership Visionary Project, the late journalist Gil Noble is interviewed and talks about his take on Malcolm X, including his initial frightened reaction to Malcolm X’ views, his change of heart after hearing Malcolm X without the media filter, and why he believed Malcolm X was assassinated. […]