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San Juan de Ulua

Photo 365-Day 132 “San Juan de Ulua”

Located in Veracruz state in Mexico, San Juan de Ulua is a series of fortresses and prisons, and even has a palace. San Juan de Ulua served as one of the “gateways in the Americas” where African slaves were imported. The structure serves as a museum today. A highly recommended tourist site. I learned a […]

Tilapia Food Truck

Photo 365-Day 134 “Tilapia Food Truck”

Looks like the food truck craze has hit Accra. Shown here is a tilapia food truck on Spintex Road. Here’s the owner grilling some fish for me. Before seeing the truck, he approached me asking if I’d like to buy some. Since there’s no shortage of tilapia here, I quickly shooed him away. Then he […]


Travel Snapshot – Anomabo Beach, Ghana

A simple snapshot – watching the sunset in Anomabo, a fishing town on the central coast of Ghana.

Photo Find of the Day – Tema Station

Waiting at the hub, Tema Station for the bus to take me home.

Photo Find of the Day – Anomabo Beach

Photo 365-Day 82 “A Walk on Anomabo Beach” passing by boats used by fishermen in the village of Anomabo.

Kwame Nkrumah

Photo of the Day – Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

On Friday, September 21, Ghana celebrated Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day is the birthday of the first president of the republic

Barbershop Stories

Photo Find of the Day – Barbershop Stories in Brooklyn

Our Photo Find of the Day comes from “Barbershop Stories” in Brooklyn, NY. ¬†Barbershop Stories is a performance series with spoken word artists,

Ethiopia Awakening

Photo Find of the Day – Ethiopia Awakening

This photo is from our Photo 365 Project. The sculpture is called Ethiopia Awakening by artist Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller.

Dja Rara

Photo Friday – Dja Rara in Queens, NY

Our Photo Find comes from our Photo 365 Project. Everyday we ¬†take one photo for a year. This photo is from our trip to the Queens Museum of Art’s Passport Fridays installation.


Unleashing Creative Energy, Or Why I Started a Photo 365 Project

Around April of this year, my good friend Rich suggested I take a photography class. As he was perusing the featured photos I used on my site, he pretty much told me that photos I chose, and maybe some that I take, well, suck.