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Afro JETS Club Project

Revolutionary Music and Politics in Africa 101: A Mix by Teck Zilla

Last week I featured an audio-docmentary of Fela Kuti by producer ┬áTeck Zilla. This week I’ll highlight his first audio-documentary track, The Afro J.E.T.S. Club Project. With J.E.T.S. standing for Justice, Equality, Truth, and Sacrifice, Teck features voices who fought for Africa’s liberation. Leaders like Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first president), Nnamdi Azikiwe (Nigeria’s first president) […]


Summertime Afrobeat Mix by DJ Juls

I know, the new Frank Ocean and Nas albums may be playing heavily in your iPods. When you’re ready to give them rest, give DJ Juls Summertime Afrobeat Mix a play.

Okay Africa - Chico Mann

Music Spotlight – Chico Mann and Africa In Your Earbuds

As we catch up with the Africa In Your Earbuds series over at Okay Africa, our music spotlight this weeks comes from AIYE #11: Call and Response. The tracks were submitted by guitarist/singer of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Marcos Garcia, or Chico Mann.


Music Spotlight – DJ Moma and Africa In Your Earbuds

Our music spotlight today comes from the Africa In Your Earbuds series from Okay Africa, the cultural site focusing on art, music, and politics from Africa and the Diaspora. In Africa In Your Earbuds #18, New York DJ with Sudanese roots, DJ Moma mixes African classics with modern tracks from the Diaspora.

Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots

Black Thought and ?uestlove Find Their Roots

This week we’re highlighting artists, entertainers, and other public figures who have taken the first step to connecting with Africa by tracing their roots with genealogy company African Ancestry. Today we spotlight Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots as they trace, well, their roots.