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Barbershop Stories

Photo Find of the Day – Barbershop Stories in Brooklyn

Our Photo Find of the Day comes from “Barbershop Stories” in Brooklyn, NY. ¬†Barbershop Stories is a performance series with spoken word artists,

Dja Rara

Photo Friday – Dja Rara in Queens, NY

Our Photo Find comes from our Photo 365 Project. Everyday we ¬†take one photo for a year. This photo is from our trip to the Queens Museum of Art’s Passport Fridays installation.


Diaspora Spotlight: Haiti and the Queens Museum of Art

Summer in New York is well under way, and one of the perks of being in the metropolis in the summer months is the plethora of free events that invade the city. One of the free events kicked off Friday, July 6th at the Queens Museum of Art. Passport Fridays, the museums’s “8th International Outdoor […]


Music Spotlight – DJ Moma and Africa In Your Earbuds

Our music spotlight today comes from the Africa In Your Earbuds series from Okay Africa, the cultural site focusing on art, music, and politics from Africa and the Diaspora. In Africa In Your Earbuds #18, New York DJ with Sudanese roots, DJ Moma mixes African classics with modern tracks from the Diaspora.

The Schomburg Center’s Summer Education Institute

If you’re an educator and happen to be in the New York area, you MUST take advantage of this opportunity. The Schomburg Center, a premier research institution dedicated to the study of people of African descent, will hold its 2nd Annual Summer Education Institute. The Summer Education Institute connects educators to historians and scholars on […]