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Teck Zilla in London

Music Spotlight: 7 Questions with Teck Zilla

Meet Teck Zilla. DJ. Writer. Martial Arts Enthusiast. He’s many things, but I got a chance to speak to him as his role as a music producer. He’s been getting a lot of  play with his groundbreaking audio-documentary series. Navigating unchartered territory,

Brixton Market

Travel – 8 Hours in London

It was a long road to get to Ghana. It seems from the moment I decided moved to Ghana in February to today, as I write from my home in Accra, with visa battles in between,

The Very Best

Music Spotlight – The Warm Heart of Africa (Remix)

As I plan to fly into Ghana less than two weeks from now, I’ve been looking for some music to reflect my mood on the-whole-moving-to-Africa-thing. I quickly remembered this song;


[EXCLUSIVE] In Conversation with Nigerian Emcee Mister Rae (Part 2)

We continue our interview with Nigerian Emcee Mister Rae AKA Rae Diaspora. Did you get a chance to read Part 1? If not, stop reading beyond this point and click HERE to read it.


[EXCLUSIVE] In Conversation with Nigerian Emcee Mister Rae (Part 1)

When listening to some of the tracks on the African Hip Hop EP The Big Rae, you might think you found a lost mixtape from the 90′s New York Hip Hop scene.  A sound not typically associated with Nigerian Hip Hop, The Big Rae holds a production style where influences such as DJ Premeire, Pete Rock, […]