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Foto Friday: Puerto Rican Roots Music

A random Friday night in East Harlem, the band Yerbabuena plays Puerto Rican roots music, Bomba y Plena. Bomba is percussion-based and comes from enslaved Africans on the island in the 17th century. Plena was created from Bomba in the 20th century. Together the sounds make up the soundtrack of the Afro-Puerto Rican experience. Catch […]

San Juan de Ulua

Photo 365-Day 132 “San Juan de Ulua”

Located in Veracruz state in Mexico, San Juan de Ulua is a series of fortresses and prisons, and even has a palace. San Juan de Ulua served as one of the “gateways in the Americas” where African slaves were imported. The structure serves as a museum today. A highly recommended tourist site. I learned a […]

Brazil in Black and White

PBS Video: Brazil in Black and White

Although Brazil is considered a racial harmonious society and a model for race-relations, a closer look into Brazil’s society shows Afro-Brazilians have less access to education and jobs and are more likely to live in poverty. For example, Afro-Brazilians make up two-thirds of those living in poverty in Brazil. A strong civil rights and affirmative […]

Colossal Olmec Head

Say Word: Olmec

Olmec (ˈɒlmɛk) — n , pl -mecs , -mec 1. a member of an ancient Central American Indian people who inhabited the southern Gulf Coast of Mexico and flourished between about 1200 and 400 bc — adj 2. of or relating to these people or their civilization or culture These colossal Olmec heads can be found in the present-day state of Veracruz, Mexico. The sizes of these heads range from approximately 1.5 – 3.5 meters high and can weigh up to 55 tons. Looking at the facial features of these colossal […]

Puerto Viejo (Kids on a boat)

Snapshot – Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Curious kids on a boat in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the province of Limón. A trip to this region will have you feeling more like you’re in Jamaica rather than Central America.


Say Word: Papiamento

Papiamento [pah-pyah-men-taw; Eng. pah-pyuh-men-toh] a creolized language based on spanish and spoken on Curaçao.

World's Oldest Person

Video – Afro-Cubana is World’s Oldest Person

Born in 1885, Juana Bautista of Cuba celebrated her 126th birthday earlier this February. Though she has a document stating her birth, she isn’t recognized internationally as the world’s oldest person.

Snapshot — San Juan de Ulua in Mexico

A fort on a small island off the coast of Veracruz, Mexico, San Juan de Ulua served as the gateway to the Americas for the Spanish Empire. It was also a primary entry point for African slaves to the west. Construction of the fort began in 1565. African slaves were brought to Mexico by the […]

Say Word: Jarocho

Jarocho describes a person from the State of Veracruz, off the Gulf Coast in Mexico. The term was originally a derogatory one referring to someone of mixed race, particularly of African blood. The port of Veracruz served as an entry point for Africans during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Many Veracruzanos, or Jarochos (and other Mexicans) […]

Interview with Black Expat Magazine

We here love Black Expat Magazine. Black Expat does a great job of highlighting Blacks who packed their bags and tried a stint at living overseas. From teachers to entrepreneurs, writers to lawyers, the profiles of Black expatriates are varied on this e-zine. These stories serve as inspiration to those on the fence of living […]