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Girl Chief Rocker

Foto Friday – Girl Chief Rocker

My last few months in Ghana were particularly difficult, but that’s another blog post. One of my guilty pleasures to get through was engaging in music photography. I miss this as in New York, at least the venues I’ve been to, it’s hard to engage in photography.

Bez Idakula

Alternative Nigerian Soul – Music Spotlight on Bez

I first heard of Bez on the Afrika 21 Mixtape series. Drawn to the message of high aspirations on the remix track “Super Sun” it quickly became one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape. On his album, “Super Sun,” released July 2011, Bez strums his guitar and plays with sounds of R&B, hip hop, […]

The Guld Aid All-Stars

Music Spotlight – Ain’t My Fault by the Gulf Aid All-Stars

The oil giant BP (British Petroleum) agreed to a settlement of approximately $7.8 billion in damages to individuals March 2nd, 2012 for the largest maritime oil spill in history back in April 2010. In the wake of the BP oil spill, the nonprofit Gulf Aid was formed to provide relief to affected fishing communities and […]


Randy Weston and His African Rhythms

Randy Weston is a legendary jazz pianist and composer. He’s worked and fostered friendships with the likes of Langston Hughes, Fela Kuti, and Marcus Garvey.

Esparanza Spalding

Music – “Black Gold” A Tribute to Black History Month

Grammy-award winning bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding came out with a new song as a tribute to Black History Month. The song “Black Gold,” featuring singer Algebra Blessett, encourages youth to be confident, hold their heads high, and to think of themselves as descendants of creators of civilization.