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Teck Zilla in London

Music Spotlight: 7 Questions with Teck Zilla

Meet Teck Zilla. DJ. Writer. Martial Arts Enthusiast. He’s many things, but I got a chance to speak to him as his role as a music producer. He’s been getting a lot of ┬áplay with his groundbreaking audio-documentary series. Navigating unchartered territory,


Amiri Baraka – Interview with Gil Noble

In this interview with the late journalist Gil Noble, poet, playwright, activist, and writer Amiri Baraka discusses the writing process, the role of music in society, and even makes us laugh with a throwback reference to Tower Records.


Gil Noble on Malcolm X

In the following videos, conducted by the National Leadership Visionary Project, the late journalist Gil Noble is interviewed and talks about his take on Malcolm X, including his initial frightened reaction to Malcolm X’ views, his change of heart after hearing Malcolm X without the media filter, and why he believed Malcolm X was assassinated. […]

Bob Marley

Gil Noble – Interview with Bob Marley

This week we’re highlighting interviews from the late journalist and interviewer Gil Noble, who passed away this week at the age of 80. Noble’s long running television program “Like It Is” captured issues on the global Black experience. Watch below his interview with Bob Marley in 1978.


Gil Noble – Journalist Capturing the Global Black Experience

This week we lost two grand story-tellers of the global Black experience. Artist Elizabeth Catlett, whose art depicted powerful African-American figures and everyday women, and award-winning journalist Gil Noble. Raised by Jamaican immigrants in Harlem, NY, Noble’s career in journalism spanned nearly 50 years.