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Fura in Accra

Street Food Friday – Fura in Accra

In search of more street food in Accra, my friend Kaibo and I have been planting ourselves in the neighborhood of Nima over the past several weeks. Walking in Nima, I was curious when I saw these white powdered balls neatly packed in glass boxes.

Brukina can be found bottled up like this all throughout Accra

Where is Accra’s Best Brukina?

So one of the things that I love about living in Ghana is how EASY it is to eat healthy here. While in The States, corner stores are filled with cookies, candy, and other junk food, Accra street stands are plentiful of oranges, pineapples, papayas, mangos, coconuts… shall I continue?

Tilapia Food Truck

Photo 365-Day 134 “Tilapia Food Truck”

Looks like the food truck craze has hit Accra. Shown here is a tilapia food truck on Spintex Road. Here’s the owner grilling some fish for me. Before seeing the truck, he approached me asking if I’d like to buy some. Since there’s no shortage of tilapia here, I quickly shooed him away. Then he […]

JollofRice wVeggies

Cuisine – Coconut Jollof Rice

A recipe from Cameroon and a West African staple, Yeti from Afro Food TV shows us step-by-step how to make Coconut Jollof Rice!


Kelewele – A Ghanaian Snack

A follow-up from yesterday’s post, since I can’t get enough of fried plantains, here’s a recipe for the Ghanaian snack Kelewele. Different from plain fried plantains, the plantains are cut into small cubes, and mixed with spices like cayenne pepper, salt and ginger root.

Snapshot – Gari Fortor in Ghana

After a weary 20-hour trip from Beijing to Accra, with a layover in Addis Ababa, I was yearning for a home-cooked Ghanaian meal. Asking the waiter for his recommendation, he suggested “gari fortor.” Made from gari, or grated cassava, and served with a hard-boiled egg, and meat, chicken, or fish. I chose the tilapia and […]