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Stevie Wonder in Brooklyn

Stevie Wonder Takes Over Brooklyn

Artists and media makers now have a new home in Brooklyn, The BRIC Arts Media. The $41 million dollar project houses art galleries, studios and a broadcasting center. Last month they celebrated all things Stevie Wonder. Check out all the fun they had below.


Work Abroad: Teach in Africa

Though school is just underway, many international teachers are giving thought to where they’ll be teaching the next scholastic year. If you teach in your home country, maybe you’ve always wanted to make the leap of teaching abroad. Education students – maybe cutbacks in government may have you fearful of finding a job at home. […]


Teaching Abroad in 5 Steps – A Lucrative Career Choice

As teaching jobs are being slashed in the U.S. due to budget cuts, there’s another field in education where jobs are growing – international teaching. If you’re an experienced or certified teacher, consider teaching abroad to travel, revive your career, and save some money. If you’re not experienced and want to give teaching abroad a […]

Brazil in Black and White

PBS Video: Brazil in Black and White

Although Brazil is considered a racial harmonious society and a model for race-relations, a closer look into Brazil’s society shows Afro-Brazilians have less access to education and jobs and are more likely to live in poverty. For example, Afro-Brazilians make up two-thirds of those living in poverty in Brazil. A strong civil rights and affirmative […]

Interview with Black Expat Magazine

We here love Black Expat Magazine. Black Expat does a great job of highlighting Blacks who packed their bags and tried a stint at living overseas. From teachers to entrepreneurs, writers to lawyers, the profiles of Black expatriates are varied on this e-zine. These stories serve as inspiration to those on the fence of living […]

NABJ Philly Here We Come!

In addition to attending the The Schomburg Center Summer Education Institute, we’ll be heading to Philly to attend the 2011 National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair from August 3rd-7th. We’ll be taking workshops that will help us offer improved content on Who’s World. If you’ll be at the NABJ Convention, or simply […]

The Schomburg Center’s Summer Education Institute

If you’re an educator and happen to be in the New York area, you MUST take advantage of this opportunity. The Schomburg Center, a premier research institution dedicated to the study of people of African descent, will hold its 2nd Annual Summer Education Institute. The Summer Education Institute connects educators to historians and scholars on […]