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African in New York

Music: African in New York – The Immigrant Experience

Ghanaian artist Blitz the Ambassador talks the immigrant experience in New York with his new song “African in New York.” The song already grabbed my heart with an intro from one of my favorite movies, Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.


Music Spotlight -Ghana’s High Vibes Music Festival

In Accra, Ghana The 3rd Annual High Vibes Music Festival is well underway. Starting from September 26th and ending on October 6th, the city of Accra will be blessed with live music performances with artists from Cape Verde, Nigeria,

Shoot for Ethiopia, Ended up in Ghana

So we’ve been psyched about our upcoming trip to Ethiopia, only to find out our flight was cancelled by Egypt Air (Darn you Egypt Air). And we never got a response concerning getting on another flight. We’re not one to let a little flight cancellation deter our trip to Africa. We’re changing locales and heading […]