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Black Expat Terri Lundberg

Back to Her Roots: Terri Lundberg Traces Her Ancestry

One of the things I love about traveling/living abroad is that you meet wonderful people that lead to interesting conversations. On talking about my time in Ghana, the vivacious and gorgeous expat Terri Lundberg animately told me about the story of tracing her own ancestry back to the continent. Feeling shameful that I hadn’t taken […]

elizabeth-catlett-dancing (cropped)

Elizabeth Catlett – A Harlem Renaissance Artist

As Africa goes through a renaissance, we mourn the lost of the last link to the Harlem Renaissance, artist Elizabeth Catlett. Catlett died in her home in Mexico on April 2nd at the age of 96. She integrated justice in her art work, often depicting powerful figures in history as well as everyday people, particularly […]