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Inauguration Day Ghana Style – A Photo Essay

Once I heard President Barack Obama won re-election, I was determined to make my way back to DC for Inauguration Day in January. But then I consulted my bank account, and well, she said no.

Mama's Gold

Photo Find of the Day – Mama’s Gold

  Today’s Photo Find of the Day comes from Ghanaian photographer and stroryteller Nana Kofi Acquah. Ghana was formerly known as The Gold Coast until its independence from the British empire in 1957. Gold, as well cocoa and oil, are natural resources that play a major role in Ghana’s economy today.

Football Worlds

Photo Find of the Day – Football Worlds

Our photo find comes from Nigerian photographer Uche Okpa Iroha,

Nii Obodai

Photo Find of the Day – Who Knows Tomorrow

Drawn to this photograph because of its intimacy, I first encountered this photo during