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Flags Up at the West Indian Day Parade

Foto Friday: The West Indian Day Parade

With roasted corn, over-the-top carnival threads, and every flag from the Caribbean imaginable, this past Monday New York celebrated the 46th West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn. Here is a glimpse of the scene as flags waved high to show Caribbean pride. Even a short stint of rain couldn’t stop these parade-goers.

Susana Baca

Diaspora Spotlight: Susana Baca and the Afro-Peruvian Sound

Look up Afro-Peruvian music and one of the first people you’re going to find is Susana Baca. Recognized as one of the pioneers that revived Afro-Peruvian music,


Music Spotlight – DJ Moma and Africa In Your Earbuds

Our music spotlight today comes from the Africa In Your Earbuds series from Okay Africa, the cultural site focusing on art, music, and politics from Africa and the Diaspora. In Africa In Your Earbuds #18, New York DJ with Sudanese roots, DJ Moma mixes African classics with modern tracks from the Diaspora.