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Shad Cary

Saving Canada’s Black History

I’m afraid my post titles sound all too redundant. This is the second post this summer where the title is “Saving [Insert hisoric site pertinent to Black History here]. Last time, I wrote about 5 Pointz. This time, I’m writing about the Chatham-Kent Black Mecca Museum.

Black Expat Terri Lundberg

Back to Her Roots: Terri Lundberg Traces Her Ancestry

One of the things I love about traveling/living abroad is that you meet wonderful people that lead to interesting conversations. On talking about my time in Ghana, the vivacious and gorgeous expat Terri Lundberg animately told me about the story of tracing her own ancestry back to the continent. Feeling shameful that I hadn’t taken […]

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington – A Man From Another Land

As we wrap up our theme of highlighting public figures who have traced their roots to Africa via DNA, we end with this video of actor Isaiah Washington’s memorable reaction when he found out his roots go back to Sierra Leone. Anchorman Ron Claiborne is also featured in the video and finds out his roots […]

India Arie

India’s Connection to Africa

As African Ancestry Week continues at Who’s World, we focus on a different public figure of the Americas who have traced their African roots with DNA testing. Watch musician India Arie’s reaction when she finds out her ancestral link to West Africa.

Vanessa A. Williams

Vanessa A. Williams and Her African Ancestry

As we continue to spotlight public figures who have traced their African roots, see the reaction of actress Vanessa A. Williams when she finds out about her ancestral linkage to Africa. Also, take a look into the science behind the genealogy company that can link your past to Africa.

Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots

Black Thought and ?uestlove Find Their Roots

This week we’re highlighting artists, entertainers, and other public figures who have taken the first step to connecting with Africa by tracing their roots with genealogy company African Ancestry. Today we spotlight Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots as they trace, well, their roots.

Q-Tip of hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest

Video – Q-Tip Takes It Back to Africa

Q-tip from legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest sits down with Gina Paige of genealogy company African Ancestry to trace his maternal African roots. What he finds out turns out to be a delightful surprise.