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We’re On Hiatus, But Stay Tuned

As The Who’s World Media Project celebrates its two-year anniversary this month, I’ll be, regretfully, slowing down on blog posts. There’s a lot of plans in the works later this year and I’ll be using the summer to prepare for these changes. The biggest change is transitioning from an international educator to being a media […]

JollofRice wVeggies

Cuisine – Coconut Jollof Rice

A recipe from Cameroon and a West African staple, Yeti from Afro Food TV shows us step-by-step how to make Coconut Jollof Rice!


Teaching Abroad in 5 Steps – A Lucrative Career Choice

As teaching jobs are being slashed in the U.S. due to budget cuts, there’s another field in education where jobs are growing – international teaching. If you’re an experienced or certified teacher, consider teaching abroad to travel, revive your career, and save some money. If you’re not experienced and want to give teaching abroad a […]


Music Spotlight – DJ Moma and Africa In Your Earbuds

Our music spotlight today comes from the Africa In Your Earbuds series from Okay Africa, the cultural site focusing on art, music, and politics from Africa and the Diaspora. In Africa In Your Earbuds #18, New York DJ with Sudanese roots, DJ Moma mixes African classics with modern tracks from the Diaspora.

Travel Image

It’s Official: We’re’s Blog of the Week!

A big reason why The Who’s World Media Project was started was to connect people to the African Diaspora. By highlighting stories of the global Black experience, we hope this will inspire travel to places in the Diaspora as well as Africa. So imagine how ecstatic we were when we found out we were named […]

Colossal Olmec Head

Say Word: Olmec

Olmec (ˈɒlmɛk) — n , pl -mecs , -mec 1. a member of an ancient Central American Indian people who inhabited the southern Gulf Coast of Mexico and flourished between about 1200 and 400 bc — adj 2. of or relating to these people or their civilization or culture These colossal Olmec heads can be found in the present-day state of Veracruz, Mexico. The sizes of these heads range from approximately 1.5 – 3.5 meters high and can weigh up to 55 tons. Looking at the facial features of these colossal […]


Kelewele – A Ghanaian Snack

A follow-up from yesterday’s post, since I can’t get enough of fried plantains, here’s a recipe for the Ghanaian snack Kelewele. Different from plain fried plantains, the plantains are cut into small cubes, and mixed with spices like cayenne pepper, salt and ginger root.

Dante Carver

Top TV Commercial Star in Japan is African-American

Native New Yorker Dante Carver moved to Japan after receiving a degree in International Business. Take a look at how this adventurous move eventually led him to be Japan’s number one TV commercial star.

World's Oldest Person

Video – Afro-Cubana is World’s Oldest Person

Born in 1885, Juana Bautista of Cuba celebrated her 126th birthday earlier this February. Though she has a document stating her birth, she isn’t recognized internationally as the world’s oldest person.

Esparanza Spalding

Music – “Black Gold” A Tribute to Black History Month

Grammy-award winning bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding came out with a new song as a tribute to Black History Month. The song “Black Gold,” featuring singer Algebra Blessett, encourages youth to be confident, hold their heads high, and to think of themselves as descendants of creators of civilization.