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Jose Vargas

Immigration and Civil Rights: Jose Vargas at the Tenement Museum

  The state of New York should allow undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses, a prominent immigration-rights journalist and activist said on Dec. 4. Jose Vargas, who was born in the Philippines and became a Pulitzer–prize-winning journalist, urged an audience at the Tenement Museum to write to Gov. Andrew Cuomo seeking a change in state […]

Black Pop Culture and Civil Rights

The Link Between Black Pop Culture and Civil Rights

College football and Soul Train had as much to do with the Civil Rights Movement as political action and the black church. That’s what authors Sam Freedman and Ericka Blount Danois said at their event “Black Pop Culture and Civil Rights” at the Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn on October 28th.


Update: Back to Africa 2.0, This Time Nigeria

I had not planned on going back to West Africa for quite some time. Grad school is intense. Barely any vacation time. And let’s not forget flights to West Africa (from the US) are never cheap. But I’m happy to say I’ll be a travel blogger and liaison for Social Media Week Lagos happening from […]

Flags Up at the West Indian Day Parade

Foto Friday: The West Indian Day Parade

With roasted corn, over-the-top carnival threads, and every flag from the Caribbean imaginable, this past Monday New York celebrated the 46th West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn. Here is a glimpse of the scene as flags waved high to show Caribbean pride. Even a short stint of rain couldn’t stop these parade-goers.

More friends in Mexico

R.I.P. Living Abroad: January 31, 2006 – May 01, 2013

“A person can run for years but sooner or later he has to take a stand in the place which, for better or worse, he calls home, and do what he can to change things there.” – Paule Marshall


Neema Namadamu: Architect of Peace in the Congo

Meet Neema Namadamu. She is founder of the women’s peace organization Maman Shujaa. Through Maman Shujaa and other projects she’s created, (including a media center for women to tell their stories) she has a vision for a “New Congo.”

Black Expat Terri Lundberg

Back to Her Roots: Terri Lundberg Traces Her Ancestry

One of the things I love about traveling/living abroad is that you meet wonderful people that lead to interesting conversations. On talking about my time in Ghana, the vivacious and gorgeous expat Terri Lundberg animately told me about the story of tracing her own ancestry back to the continent. Feeling shameful that I hadn’t taken […]

Teck Zilla in London

Music Spotlight: 7 Questions with Teck Zilla

Meet Teck Zilla. DJ. Writer. Martial Arts Enthusiast. He’s many things, but I got a chance to speak to him as his role as a music producer. He’s been getting a lot of  play with his groundbreaking audio-documentary series. Navigating unchartered territory,

Tilapia Food Truck

Photo 365-Day 134 “Tilapia Food Truck”

Looks like the food truck craze has hit Accra. Shown here is a tilapia food truck on Spintex Road. Here’s the owner grilling some fish for me. Before seeing the truck, he approached me asking if I’d like to buy some. Since there’s no shortage of tilapia here, I quickly shooed him away. Then he […]

Say Word – Akwaaba

A common word you’ll hear as a visitor in Ghana, “akwaaba” means welcome. That’s just how you’ll feel in Ghana with the warm weather and the even warmer people. Travelers of African descent in particular will feel well received with chants of “welcome home.” With a welcome like this, we hope that more travelers of […]