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Photo 365-Day 137 “Preach, My Brother… Not”

One would be amused at how religious references permeate Ghana. I mentioned earlier the plethora of businesses with Christian references. I’ve been on tro-tros where people whip out a bible and start going to church. Well Ghana’s bus system ain’t having that. A sign posted here in the back of the bus. Proselityzers, you’ve been […]

Photo 365-Day 133 “Butterfly Porn”

Imagine millions of monarch butterflies in one place. That’s exactly what you’ll see at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico. Butterflies come here from as far north as Canada to mate before returning to the north in March. Truly one of natures wonders. And yes, a million butterflies flapping is quite loud.

San Juan de Ulua

Photo 365-Day 132 “San Juan de Ulua”

Located in Veracruz state in Mexico, San Juan de Ulua is a series of fortresses and prisons, and even has a palace. San Juan de Ulua served as one of the “gateways in the Americas” where African slaves were imported. The structure serves as a museum today. A highly recommended tourist site. I learned a […]


Travel Snapshot – Anomabo Beach, Ghana

A simple snapshot – watching the sunset in Anomabo, a fishing town on the central coast of Ghana.


Work Abroad: Teach in Africa

Though school is just underway, many international teachers are giving thought to where they’ll be teaching the next scholastic year. If you teach in your home country, maybe you’ve always wanted to make the leap of teaching abroad. Education students – maybe cutbacks in government may have you fearful of finding a job at home. […]

Photo Find of the Day – Anomabo Beach

Photo 365-Day 82 “A Walk on Anomabo Beach” passing by boats used by fishermen in the village of Anomabo.

Brixton Market

Travel – 8 Hours in London

It was a long road to get to Ghana. It seems from the moment I decided moved to Ghana in February to today, as I write from my home in Accra, with visa battles in between,


A Few Unique Languages to Learn

Always wanted to learn a second, third, or fourth language? Why not Estonian? Or Aymara? Or Cantonese?

Explore DC

Want to Explore D.C.? There’s and App for That!

Planning your next trip to Washing ton D.C.? Put down your bulky guidebook and download the Explore D.C. App (Compatible with iPhone and iPad). Created by the folks at The Washington Post,


Seven Reasons Why I’m Moving To Ghana

So there’s a number of events that led me to my decision to move to Ghana. I realized I’ve been telling everyone I’m moving to Ghana, but I don’t think I’ve really been discussing why I’m moving there.