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Photo 365-Day 137 “Preach, My Brother… Not”

One would be amused at how religious references permeate Ghana. I mentioned earlier the plethora of businesses with Christian references. I’ve been on tro-tros where people whip out a bible and start going to church. Well Ghana’s bus system ain’t having that. A sign posted here in the back of the bus. Proselityzers, you’ve been […]

Sister-Girl Ads

Photo 365- Day 135 “Sister Girl Ads”

Another reason I love Ghana is that you get to see beautiful, Black women in ads like these. Look at homegirl rocking her cornrows in this Nescaf√© ad… Beautiful! I think the only place I would see an ad like this in the US is in a magazine like Essence. Even then, with a corporation […]

Photo 365-Day 133 “Butterfly Porn”

Imagine millions of monarch butterflies in one place. That’s exactly what you’ll see at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico. Butterflies come here from as far north as Canada to mate before returning to the north in March. Truly one of natures wonders. And yes, a million butterflies flapping is quite loud.

San Juan de Ulua

Photo 365-Day 132 “San Juan de Ulua”

Located in Veracruz state in Mexico, San Juan de Ulua is a series of fortresses and prisons, and even has a palace. San Juan de Ulua served as one of the “gateways in the Americas” where African slaves were imported. The structure serves as a museum today. A highly recommended tourist site. I learned a […]


Travel Snapshot – Anomabo Beach, Ghana

A simple snapshot – watching the sunset in Anomabo, a fishing town on the central coast of Ghana.

Photo Find of the Day – Tema Station

Waiting at the hub, Tema Station for the bus to take me home.

Photo Find of the Day – Anomabo Beach

Photo 365-Day 82 “A Walk on Anomabo Beach” passing by boats used by fishermen in the village of Anomabo.

Kwame Nkrumah

Photo of the Day – Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

On Friday, September 21, Ghana celebrated Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day is the birthday of the first president of the republic

Barbershop Stories

Photo Find of the Day – Barbershop Stories in Brooklyn

Our Photo Find of the Day comes from “Barbershop Stories” in Brooklyn, NY. ¬†Barbershop Stories is a performance series with spoken word artists,

Yoruba Egungun Mask

Photo Find of the Day – Yoruba Egungun Mask

Another photo from our Photo 365 Project, this is a Yoruba Egungun mask from the Yoruba people of Nigeria.