Racial Inequity: A Delicate Dance in the US

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Below is a story on how a simple trip to the grocery store can turn into ground for racial inequality. Watch as author and educator Joy DeGruy explains the difference in treatment from a grocery store clerk between herself and her lighter-skinned sister-in-law. It’s a simple story on the complicated space Blacks navigate in the US in regards to race. There’s also a twist on the role Whites can play to stopping racial inequality. The video got me to think how other privileges people can stop inequality whether its men, the middle-class, straight people, Americans… well the list can go on.

Video from www.crackingthecodes.org

“99 Problems” meme from www.memegenerator.com 

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4 Responses to “Racial Inequity: A Delicate Dance in the US”

  1. abbanbudu says:

    Some few days to the day King gave his speech, a great time for a post like this.
    Our generation will keep fighting this with all our arsenals.
    Great post.

    • Roxanne L. Scott says:

      Thanks for your visit Terry. Many will say nothing has changed since then, but we’ve come a long way. The battle continues *fists up*

  2. Efo Dela says:

    Having been born in a predominantly black country, i can only understand racism based on what i read or see in the media.
    I’ve noticed that of late blacks discriminate among themselves even more that whites do against them. Team Light Skin is always making offensive jokes about team dark skin

    • Roxanne L. Scott says:

      Efo, you are SO right. The Dark skin vs. Light skin “battle” is still so thick. You would think that there are two gangs going against each other. It’s sad the damage we do to ourselves. The documentary Dark Girls talks a lot about this. Thanks for your commentary, Efo.

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