Back to Her Roots: Terri Lundberg Traces Her Ancestry

Black Expat Terri Lundberg
One of the things I love about traveling/living abroad is that you meet wonderful people that lead to interesting conversations. On talking about my time in Ghana, the vivacious and gorgeous expat Terri Lundberg animately told me about the story of tracing her own ancestry back to the continent. Feeling shameful that I hadn’t taken this step yet, I craved to hear her story. I wondered how an expat living in Saudi Arabia came to the decision of wanting to find her roots. Terri tells us that an unlikely source pushed her to find her results. Read her story below.

1) What sparked your curiosity to trace your ancestry?

I had never really been interested in my ancestry. My husband, who is Swedish, is the one who was most interested. We purchased the African Ancestry kit for my father, who wasn’t interested, so I had my brother do the test since it was for paternal DNA. It was once the results came back that I started to have an interest. The results stated that we were descendants of the Yoruba people out of the region that is now Nigeria.

2) Prior to taking the test, did you have any ideas where in Africa your ancestry led?

I have always just considered myself a “Made in America” Black, descendant from the slave trade.

3) What were your results and what do you want to do now know that you have this information?

When the results first came back I did research on the Yoruba people. And, since I’ve had at least five people ask me if I was Nigerian, I now want to go to Nigeria. :) And, I want to test my maternal DNA, since rumors have it we’re descendants of Paul Cuffee (Cuffe)  on my mother’s side (her maiden name is Cuffee). If that is the case, that means on my mother’s side we would be descendants of the Ashanti out of the region that is now Ghana.

African Ancestry

African Ancestry

Are you curious about your connection to the homeland? If so, where would you put money where your roots lead? If I had to , I would put my money on Ghana. No, not because I used to live there. But because of my Jamaican background, it is said that 90% of Jamaicans can trace their ancestry back to Ghana. As Blacks in the Americas try to trace their ancestry, we hit a road block once we arrived here as records of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were lost. Like Terry, I didn’t have a strong curiosity, until in recent years, to connect to Africa in this way. I was always satisfied to say that I was Jamaican.
Even if you’re not of African descent, have you traced your family tree? For everyone, what are the benefits of doing so? And do you think you would have a new appreciation for your heritage? For Terri, it led her to want to research the Yoruba and pay a visit to her distant cousins, fostering a connection to the continent. What can it do for you? Share your thoughts!
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3 Responses to “Back to Her Roots: Terri Lundberg Traces Her Ancestry”

  1. AbbanBudu says:

    Hmm, touching!

  2. Efo Dela says:

    Wow, it’s that easy to trace ones roots these days? Nice.
    So Roxanne, do u plan checking yours anytime soon? If not we will gladly adopt u in Ghana

    • Roxanne L. Scott says:

      Yes it is that easy! Amazing! The company matches your DNA with samples they collected from various parts of Africa.

      I definitely want to try this! I can’t afford the $300+ price tag that comes with it though. The good thing is you can pool with your family, bringing the price down significantly if a lot of people contribute.

      We’ll see if I find out my roots. I’m more than happy to adopt Ghana as my homeland however!

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