Chris Brown in Accra – What’s the Big Deal?

Chris Brown

One of the reasons I was excited to move to Accra is that it’s building itself as a hub in West Africa for digital media. And Ghana is working towards that with the launch of the Hope City Project. Hope City will be an IT hub that will also include Africa’s largest building. Read more about it here.

And to celebrate Hope City, investors RLG Communications with a big ‘ole concert with one of my favorite singers Efya, as well as R2Bees, D Black and Sheriffa Gunu. But what many are buzzing about is the headliner, American artist Chris Brown.

My twitter feed was BUZZING this morning with different opinions about Chris Brown getting paid $1 million to perform.

I’m not going to tackle the issue of whether Chris Brown should headline the show because he’s not African. That has been beatifully laid out by Afropop here.

But I did want to highlight some different opinions on how people feel about Chris Brown performing.


Others believed because of his past he’s not the most, ummmm, upstanding role model.


Jerome Kuseh says, “I understand the move to bring Chris Brown here from a business perspective. I think RLG is trying to appeal to the youth with this move.

However, RLG is a brand benefiting immensely from the distribution of its laptops to students by the government. They owe it to those children (and taxpayers) to pick a better role model to headline their show.”

Many were simply upset at the money he was offered to perform.


And still others were plain excited that the international star would be performing.

I remember Ludacris performed here back in September and it didn’t seem to make such a stir. But it appears he was headlining the show ALONGSIDE Ghanaian artist Sarkodie. And I don’t think he has such a controversial past.

What are your thoughts? Too much money for him to perform? A better role model should have been chosen? Also, as I write this Chris Brown is performing. How was the show? I’d be interested to hear from you.


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3 Responses to “Chris Brown in Accra – What’s the Big Deal?”

  1. readjerome says:

    Jay Z, Ja Rule, Boyz II Men, even Beenie Man all came through without such backlash. I think it all boils down to Chris’ past.

    He beat up someone more famous than him in the full glare of the public. It would be different if he had beat up a not famous girlfriend in private. Unfair right? maybe

  2. JUGNU says:

    Double standard I reckon. While I’m not a huge fan of Chris, this is just another uproar-much ado about nothing. Business wise- great move-you gotta rub shoulders with big names but is it a moral issue here-well who are we to judge. Isn’t Rihanna back with him? Why are we still hinged on his past while the ‘victim’ will most likely tie the knot with him soon?… it’s never black and white you know-so many factors to consider.

  3. Roxanne L. Scott says:

    Yeah, you’re right about boiling down to his past as opposed to maybe because he’s an American headlining the show, or the sun of money. It is amazing how the pubic quickly forgets things. But then again, how long do we wait to “forgive” a person? Though, for example, what Mike Tyson did to Robin Givens back in the day is horrible, hasn’t he somehow shown self-improvement over the years? Dr. Dre as well, though I’m less forgiving as it seems he doesn’t even regret the incident. That one was straight cold…

    This one is also touchy, as, yes, Rihanna is back with him. So who are we to judge at this point. You’re right… many factors to consider…

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