Music – Mos Def’s Travelin’ Man Mixed with Al Green

The Green Album

Four years ago a professor assigned us to chose a theme song for our life. I was in an intense summer graduate program back then, and this was a way to “release.” For 10-15 minutes everyday, the professor would chose three students’ songs, play them, and we would have to guess whose theme song it was. It was fun, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of a fitting theme song for my life. Plus, I was the only Black person in the class, so I didn’t want to make the choice too easy. That meant urban music was out. I ended up choosing a childhood favorite song, Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman.” I love this song, but I’m not sure if it fits the task of being the theme song of my life.

Well, 4 years later, I finally have a song! I present to you: Travelin’ Man (or Woman) by, then, Mos Def, but now goes by Yasiin Bey. With six years living abroad, it’s a fitting song that deals with constantly saying goodbye, moving worlds away to pursue happiness, and the change one sees in people and places when returning home.

Here’s a twist of the original song found on The Green Album. The Green Album was released back in 2008 by Omer Saar. The project is “a full-length Hip-Hop remix album over all Al Green sample-made beats.”  Tracks included on the album include The Pharcyde’s Passing Me By, Jay-Z’ Can’t Knock the Hustle,  and Das EFX’ Real Hip-Hop.  But in my opinion, by far the best remix on the albums is Mos Def’s Travelin Man. Mos Def’s voice over an Al Green sample is pure heaven in my ears. Take a listen to the track below. I’ve also included the original You can also dowload tracks from The Green Album here.


Also, here’s the original Travelin’ Man by Mos Def.




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