Alternative Nigerian Soul – Music Spotlight on Bez

Bez Idakula

I first heard of Bez on the Afrika 21 Mixtape series. Drawn to the message of high aspirations on the remix track “Super Sun” it quickly became one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape. On his album, “Super Sun,” released July 2011, Bez strums his guitar and plays with sounds of R&B, hip hop, neo-soul to create an alternative sound anywhere from New York to Lagos. His single, “That Stupid Song” which pokes fun at the songs we recited in our youth, debuted on 106 & Park. A catchy, soulful song, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of the talent of his musical range from R&B to alternative. Listeners will enjoy “Say” and “Over You” for an R&B/soul fix. Tracks like “Technically” “More You” and “Stronger” show his alternative side with inflections of other styles of music. The album also includes live performances of the tracks “More You” and “Stop Pretending” Bez plays with various genres to create a sound uniquely his own.

Check out Bez’ album title track below. You can here the remix featuring Nigerian rappers el Dee, Ice Prince, and Eva here.

Bez Idakula

Bez Idakula

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2 Responses to “Alternative Nigerian Soul – Music Spotlight on Bez”

  1. This guy is talented. Thanks for sharing. Your website is interesting. Keep up the good work.

    • Roxanne L. Scott says:

      Thanks Marlon! I hope you get a chance to listen to more of his music. And thanks for enjoying the site… spread the word!

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